Capacity and Machinery

The Pharmaceutical environment today is a highly competitive one . Our primary goal at the factory is to abide by Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) and Good Laboratory Practice ( GLP ) and adhere to International Quality standards. Our high production capacity also enables us to remain competitive and fulfil tenders that require large quantities of medicine on time.

Sr. No Name of Department Capacity
1 Tablets 1450 million tablets
2 Capsules 290 million capsules
3 Oral Dry powder 0.2 million kgs or 8million bottles of 24 grams
4 Oral liquid 11.6 million bottles of various volumes 30/60/100 ml
5 Ointment/Cream/Gel 145 tonnes
6 External Liquid 580 kilo litres
7 External Dusting Powder 75 tonnes
** Assuming 290 working days per year , and 1 shift ( 8 hours ) / day

Tablet/ Capsule Department is well equipped with modern machinery like fluid bed dryer , auto coater, high speed compression machine , high speed capsule filling machine , blister pack machine , ALU ALU pack machine and strip packing.
Oral Liquid Department has 2 sets of 6 line filling, cleaning and packing machinery.
External Cream/ Gel / Ointment department has automatic semi solid manufacturing and filling machine.
Quality control/ Analysis is a state of the art department that is equipped to test various pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products. It includes stability testing departments that can modulate the temperature and humidity. Equipments include UV spectrophotometer, HPLC, Dissolution, Disintegration and a wet lab that all contribute towards high class quality.